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App NameGranny
Latest Version1.7.9
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UpdateOctober 3, 2021

Granny Apk is a continuation and, in a way, a new stage in the development of the fascinating narrative of the misadventures of the next protagonist, who was unlucky enough to be visiting a not very hospitable granny. In addition to everything else in this part, her grandfather will join her. He does not hear well, but he hits right away. Similar properties inappropriately harmoniously complement the features of the original villainess. Which significantly increases the difficulty level of the passage. Gamers will have only 5 days to plan and organize their escape from the creepy house. Otherwise it will be too late. And of course, monsters are also not recommended to catch the eye.

Granny Apk is the second part of the popular horror quest, where this time we have to get out of an abandoned mansion guarded by two characters.

This time, the character was locked in a house guarded by grandparents, they are just as crazy and will never free you. You will have to be smart, move silently along the corridors and not attract attention to yourself.

Granny Apk has a completely new house, objects to interact with and puzzles. As you may have guessed, the goal of the game is to get out, and for this you have to use your brains and go through all the traps left by the characters. You will have a virtual joystick that allows you to move around the house, inventory and a button to interact with objects. As before, the player can hide under the bed, climb into closets and specifically attract the attention of grandparents by injuring objects on the floor.

The players will have only 5 days at their disposal, after which the further fate of the protagonist will be decided. Whether he gets out to freedom or remains to live out his days in the basement of a gloomy house, depends only on your actions.

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