Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK + v1.0.10 (Unlimited Money)

App NameShadow Fight 2 Special Edition
Latest Version1.0.10
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UpdateSeptember 10, 2021

Shadow fight 2 apk is a gorgeous 2D action fighting game from NEKKI with contour graphics, beautiful decorations, excellent animation and many other qualities that made the sequel a cult classic. Despite the appearance of the third series, this project continues to maintain a fanbase and remains extremely popular with everyone who just wants to have a great time with dynamic gameplay.

The action takes place in a world where demons have taken over the world by enslaving the souls of the dead soldiers. Returning from the other world, they quickly broke the resistance of the people. And only select fighters are able to rectify the situation and save everyone from a sad fate.

Shadow fight 2 apk is a spectacular fighting game in the world of shadows. The game has got excellent physics, a huge variety of characters, combination attacks and a fascinating plot.

The plot of the game tells the story of the main character, who in an incomprehensible way turned into a faceless shadow. It is he who has to save the world, destroying one enemy after another, making his way to the gates of the shadows and trying to close them once and for all.

Game events unfold in six provinces, where we have to deal with their leaders. Naturally, the path to the boss will not be easy, you will have to sweat and learn many new tricks. You will not only face battles with the leaders’ minions, but also local tournaments where you can earn money and raise the rank of your fighter. All the money earned can be spent on weapons and armor. The battles look very spectacular and realistic, and the animation with the drawn models of the heroes does not allow you to break away from what is happening on the screen for a second. Arenas, in turn, look modest, but physics and fighting techniques that the main character can master more than cover this shortcoming.


Control is assigned to a multi-position virtual joystick and a couple of buttons. Despite this, the number of combinations and techniques for the characters is simply off scale. Learn new strikes in the main menu, train them on dummies and return to your main mission – saving all life from the end of the world.

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