Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror APK (Mega Menu)

App NameSpecimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror
PublisherCafé Studio
Latest Version1.1.1
UpdateNovember 23, 2021

specimen zero apk – Multiplayer horror – a very impressive horror with action elements in which the main character wakes up in a whole complex of abandoned buildings a long time ago. You need to find a way to get out of here, find and apply useful things, find answers to questions and at the same time not become a snack for the monster that has arranged for itself hunting grounds here.

The enemy, extremely sensitive to extraneous noise, will instantly react to careless actions. So you have to be careful and careful. Especially in multiplayer mode. One wrong move and the whole group can go to restart due to the angry monster.


Unlike other games of the same genre, the game gives you a genuinely different simulation experience with many horror and horror features beyond your imagination. Specimen Zero will let players experience the survival escape of their chosen character. Join the quest, adventure challenging but equally attractive in a virtual world. In a hypothetical situation of being taken to an unknown place and imprisoned by monsters, your main task is to find a way to escape, protect your life, to maintain life. During the game, you also collect items, solve puzzles to find a safe path from the devil.

Besides, experience survival with many choices in a great virtual reality game thanks to the fact that you can do anything, decide your own path with high safety. Therefore, this is really the ideal place for you to freely express yourself, overcome difficulties when stuck, and learn many practical lessons when deciding something in this game.


specimen zero apk offers several minimum requirements to fit this genre; gamers will have to have compatible machine configurations to make the installation process easier without standing. Players can participate in levels with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. And the higher configuration machines, you will have the right to enjoy the fierce matches, which chase each other at a sharper, more realistic level. However, with a computer with an average configuration, players have experienced it too easily.

The game is appreciated not only for its attractive gameplay but also for its quality graphics. This gives you extremely eye-catching 3D images, each scene from everyday life to the landscape, the horror is described in as much detail and realism as possible. Besides, the game also owns extremely high-quality sound effects; barbaric, ferocious, fear-filled sounds almost throughout the game. Make the player feel like a survival experience that keeps death and life narrow.

specimen zero apk – Multiplayer is a survival experience game that receives enthusiastic support from many players worldwide. It will really suit those who love to experience life away from the hunt with novel and straightforward gameplay. Along with many other special features, download and experience it now!

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