Subway Surfers APK (Unlimited Money/Characters)

App NameSubway Surfers
Latest Version2.26.0
UpdateNovember 23, 2021

subway surfers apk is a cult runner that gave a good impetus to the development of this direction of arcades and thus gave rise to a huge number of clones of itself (some of them are very, very high quality). And it all started with the fact that several characters became the target of an angry inspector who does not accept graffiti. Gamers need to help them escape from the pursuer. From the moment of its first appearance, the project turned into a real epic. Its events now take place in different decorations and styles, and the gameplay has changed significantly due to a variety of additions and innovations.

Subway Surfers is a bright, mischievous and very dynamic runner with a third-person view, where you will help the character escape from the police officer chasing him.

The game got a hint of a plot. You will see how the main character uses a spray can of paint to paint the walls and subway surfers apk cars. The guard notices this, and here the most interesting thing begins – you need to help the protagonist escape, and we will do this along the city streets filled with cars, roadblocks and other difficulties.

All we can do is swipe to change lanes, slide under obstacles and jump. Your hero will have only one attempt, which means that any wrong action will immediately end his race, the guardian of order will catch up with him and send him to the nearest department. At the time of the race, on the way of the main character, in addition to numerous obstacles, coins and bonuses will come across. They need to be collected in order to then acquire new costumes, characters and boards. By the way, you can ride the board after a double tap on the screen anywhere.

I would like to note not only the great game play with dynamic races and many locations, but also nice cartoon graphics. It really differs from many runners and does not let you get bored, and a large selection of skins will make your character more recognizable.

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