Tentacle Locker [Latset Version & Unlimited Money]

App NameTentacle Locker
PublisherHot Pink Games
GenreFree Simulation Game
Size30 MB
Latest Version1.0
Apk DownloadDownload File
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+

Tentacle Locker is a game that involves the use of tentacles to force high school girls in pleated skirts into the locker.

As we delve into the murky world of adult gaming, we can find well-made titles, some that look rather dubious, but are otherwise harmless, some that make you want to call the police, and then others, such as Tentacle Locker. , where you just can’t figure out what to do with it.

Kidnap students and lock them in your closet

So we’re aware from the beginning that the game is meant to be a joke … or so we think. It is placed in the hallways of a girls’ school (horn alert) and we can control a rather unusual set of cabinets. When the students pass, we will have to open the lockers to release our tentacles and force them against their will.

Once in the closet, a Lovecraft-type creature uses its tentacle (hence the name) to force it into sexual contact. By the way, listen to the sound effects if you like movies like Peter Jackson’s Braindead or John Carpenter’s The Thing.

A boring game to kill time and see if you can press the space bar at the right time, which might be good for a chimpanzee, but it’s not much more than that. If you’ve landed here after looking specifically for the game, you may want to ask your mom to take you to a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

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